Insurance Claims

Turn To Us for Roof Inspections for Insurance Claims

You’ll feel confident knowing your home is protected by our licensed and insured specialists at Roofing Masters of Louisiana. Residents in the New Orleans, Louisiana area have relied on our professional and guaranteed work for years. Many come to us to transform their homes into energy-efficient properties or to get the help they need with roof inspections, roof repairs, installations.

Homeowners Insurance Claims

Installations or upgrades are not always planned. When people have experienced damaged roofs due to storms or inclement weather, they also feel confident turning to us. In this situation, we work closely with you to determine your needs and we will do roof inspections for claims you may have with your homeowners insurance provider. Let us work with you on your homeowners insurance claim. Our team will come in and do an inspection on your behalf and provide you with photos, transparent pricing and an itemized list. You can provide this list to your insurance company for coverage.

Reliable & Honest Work

You’ll never feel pressured to get more work done than is necessary. We are always transparent about what you need, what needs to be done, and how it will get done.

Estimate Of Work

You can rely on our licensed and insured specialists to provide you with a free thorough estimate. Your estimate includes a couple options and explanations that are plainly written and easy to understand.
Upon Completion Of Your New Roof, We Will Create A Personalized Photo Album of the Work That Has Been Done For You!